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The Outer Space - Alternative Cosmoses

Zsolnay Quarter Zsolnay Quarter - m21 GalleryJul. 08.(Friday) 11:00 - 18:00

The exhibition includes more than 250 Hungarian pieces of art, including works by Victor Vasarely, Tihamér Gyarmathy, Béla Kondor, Lili Ország, László László Révész, Géza Perneczky and Gyula Várnai, as well as photographs, photo programs, video, light and sound installations, intermediate works, movies, clips in the “space station” built on 1,100-square-metre exhibition area in m21 Gallery.

Exhibition concept: László Százados, Valéria Fekete

Curator: László Százados

Professional collaborating partners: Museum of Fine Arts - Hungarian National Gallery; Vasarely Museum - Budapest, Janus Pannonius Museum; Lóránd Bereczki, Gerendai Collection, Glassyard Gallery, Horváth Art Foundation, Iroquois Collection, Miklós Kaposi, Kiselbach Gallery, Neon Gallery; Márton Orosz, Róna Art Fine Art Collection, Trapeze Gallery, Judit Reszegi, Vintage Gallery

Ticket prices:

Normal: HUF 2,500

For students, seniors and teachers: HUF 1,500

Families: HUF 5,000 Ft - including at least 2 adults and 1 child (10–18 years of age), up to 4 people.

The exhibiton tickets are 50% off with a Route of Light Armband.