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Circo Eguap (AR): Rolling Bag

An acrobatic and comic show. Risky performance and absurd situations make the audience have fun and participate in the show. Minimi is a lively and brave circus acrobat. Intrepid and funny dazzles with her crazy routines. Roquecyle is a strong and charismatic man. His scenes with unicycle bear in mind the classic risk of traditional circus but with an ironic sense of humor. Together they combine their energies going through different moods, amazement, fear, admiration, laugh and imagination. An authentic and original street-theatre & circus show.

This performance is part of the Zsolnay Street Art Competition. If you like the performance, you can support the artists in two ways.  The traditional way: by giving money to the buskers after their performance. We also ask you to vote for the best show on the website of the festival, because the winner of the competition will be rewarded with a 3000 euros prize. Be part of the jury and vote for the best show!