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Circus and Adventure

Northern castle-wall promenade, entrance from the yard of the Martyn Ferenc Museum (4 Káptalan u Pécs)
Site in case of rain: Biorhythm Talent Point 18-20 Légszeszgyár utca Biorhythm Talent Point Pécs, Légszeszgyár utca 18–20.

TrixCir Creative-ArtDance and Speckó are a family recreational Adventure Games circus program designed to introduce participants to the world of adventure and circus. You can become actors in adventure games and jugglers as well as performers in circus programs. All this can be realized in an integrated form, as in the circus games and during the adventure game the participants come into direct contact with people with disabilities, people with learning disabilities, deaf, blind, ones who have difficulties to move as well as healthy people and talents. The connection is realized without influence and is inevitable, and learning from each other is voluntary. The goal is a high-quality gaming experience and fun, as well as spontaneous learning.

The event is implemented jointly by: BioRitmus Talent Point, TrixCir Creative-ArtDance and Speckó-Pécs.
You can apply for the event in advance; families and groups of friends are welcome to apply: