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Arts and Crafts Workshop with Light

How big is the universe? What are galaxies? How can the stars shine? What colour is Mars? How many wonders are lurking in the night sky hide?

In the Light Workshop, visitors can follow the path of light into the universe, through the clouds to the celestial bodies. Our adventure will require a great deal of imagination, creativity and a desire for knowledge. Anyone who goes through all the activities of the light workshop and makes all the objects of light can win a ticket to the Pécs planetarium.


Tiny workshop I. – An event within the Creative Light Workshop

A playful lecture: Shooting stars are not real stars? What do you mean?

Surely every child knows that if they make a wish when they see a shooting star, it will come true. But what is a shooting star? Where does it come from and does it really fall to the ground?

You get answers to these exciting questions while making shiny jewellery using phosphorescent foil and luminous stones and beads.


Interplanetary Voyage Workshop – An event within the Creative Light Workshop

House of Arts and Literature

A playful lecture: As far as we are aware for sure, Earth is the only planet in the universe that has intelligent life. But what about the other planets? Do you know how many of them scientists have discovered and what their characteristics are? There are many questions that astronomers will answer while participants can make kinetic, moving planetary ornaments and fridge magnets.


Workshop of Dark Lights – An event within the Creative Light Workshop

What do fireflies, tonics and rubies have in common? Participants in the interactive session will gain insight into the magical and diverse world of luminescence.

It will turn out how long and to what impacts many of the materials around us are capable of mystical afterglow.

As a result of the collaboration of the Laser Cellar Building Club of the Lajos Nagy High School of the Cistercian Order, the Pécs Art High School, the Faculty of Science of the University of Pécs and the Lab Interactive Magical Venue, we are planning to invoke the world of dark space. We make the invisible visible with dark light. We are going to work with raw materials that glow in UV light. We are going to weave through white threads, in searching of an invisible network, make constellations, imagine the special creatures living withing.


You Can’t Get Enough of Light – Glitter body painting, glitter tattoo spots by TSP Art Klub

Glitter powder reflects all the light it receives, giving the wearer a brilliant look when encountered in the dark with an artificial light source. Perfect Light Festival wear for all festival goers.