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Fénybütykölde / Arts and Crafts Worshop with Light

Fénybütykölde - Arts and Crafts Worshop with Light

The big favourite of last year, so pupoular with the visitors, Fénybütykölde (Arts and Crafts Worshop with Light), will return this year!
During the Festival, every afternoon and evening, you could make decorations, jewelery, creative accessories, and then you can dive into the hustle and bustle of the Festival itself. And if you've already made your jewelry and still have a desire to create something, why don’t you transform the walls? Interactive mapping from 21.30 with buttons, scroll keys including fun animations á la Gonzo.

Collaborating partners: Fényszórók Visual, Pécsi Origami Class, Gonzo Visual, Led Ltd.

Admission is not free of charge! Admission fee: 1000 Ft