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With each successive release, the world of the Budapest-based trio Jü seems to become exponentially larger and encompass an ever-expanding range of vibrant and startling influences. More than anything, their music reflects a core drive to explore traditions and ideas from far-flung corners of the world, returning with a vital and pulse-quickening sound accented by countless disparate influences yet singularly possessing its own boldly uncategorizable voice. Blending elements of world music, experimental jazz and rock, a vast variety of progressive and traditional music, bleeding-edge electronica and ancient folk, it is an exhilarating sum even more profound and pulse-quickening than its already brilliant parts. The mysticism and spiritual intensity of this music melds with the band’s immersive potency to conjure an overwhelming sound of compelling complexity and breathtaking vigor. 




Dóra Győrfi – vocals

Gábor Kitzinger – visual


Ticket: 1000 HUF

The concert was sponsored by NKA Hangfoglaló Program.