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LIVE AV SETS - Immerzum I.

Artist: Peter Halasz ( Peter Van Minden, Siblicity, Sepia Sound Studio, TOTIM Records )

Enter the void. Immerzum is a synaesthetic world of sound and vision. Its atmosphere luminates and resonates your inner path and guides your journey.

We are living in a world obsessed with speed, stimulation and endless dataflow, in an uneasy ocean of air continually agitated by disturbances of modern lifestyle. The Immerzum experience gives an opportunity to activate a state of mind that is closer to the biology that we evolved with rather than the technology that we are forcing ourselves to adapt into. It can be a meditative practice of mindfulness, realizing the potentials of slowing down and exploring ourselves and our subconscious in the reflection of our inner mirror.

The visual aesthetics are drawn real time by generative image synthesis. The two sensory layers are mildly connected while allowing freedom of association during the session.

The journey may be utterly calming while at the same time contributing to overall physical and psychological well-being.

The event is visitable with ROUTE OF LIGHT ARMBAND.