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MárkusZínház (HU): AquaRing Circus

Káptalan street, opposite of Bishop's Treasury Káptalan street, opposite of Bishop's TreasuryJul. 08.(Friday) 16:00

The acrobats and artists who perform in the underwater circus of the underwater kingdom, AquaRing, are all students of the famous master Helium. But the night will come when the Grand Master, the magician, the ringmaster and the star of the illusionists' world - Helium - will perform for the last time on the stage of the AquaRing Circus. A farewell performance in which the famous magician performs the world number he learned from his ancestors. Risky and dangerous. The goal: to become a star in the moonlit field of blue sky. Can Helium become a star, step out of the sea of fish status, or fall back into the all-consuming mud?

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