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MATE - Rippl-Rónai Institute of Arts visual design major: Cycle

Káptalan street 4 Yard of Martyn Ferenc MuseumJul. 04.(Thursday) 21:30

MATE - Rippl-Rónai Institute of Arts visual design major students have created an all-round artistic performance that tells the story of the cycle of water in the form of a giant puppet light show. The animation projected on tulle creates a rippling effect, into which the giant puppet is integrated.

The set for the performance is a tulle installation applied to a foil stretched between trees, where lights and movement create a unique atmosphere, complemented by soundscapes, providing an intimate experience for the audience.

Puppet: Franciska Tapodi

Set and light painting by Kinga Pálfi
Music by yodoma and Ádám Gyöngyösi
Performers: Franciska Tapodi, Adél Maja Balaton, Valentina Monek, Annamária Pál, Kinga Pálfi, Anna Révész, Lili Ferencz, Kata Pribelszki
Teacher: Zsuzsa Molnár, Győző Herédi

Flashing lights and patterns can cause photosensitivity attacks in sensitive people!