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Theater square in front of the TheatreJul. 01.(Sunday) 21.30

The Hungarian-Greek band based on the duet of Marilia Pilti (GR) santouri (cusin of Hungarian cimbalom) and Márton Kopcsik (HU) violin player with his own custom made instrument: a 5 string viola with sympathetic strings. Santouri and violin makes a perfectly matched musical pair on the stage, and creates always magic atmosphere. They play in different trio, quartet and full band formation, with Merse Varga on doholla and frame drums, Péter Takács on tabla and Dávid Korlikowski percussionist. They beat perfect pulsation with an intensive organic musical way during the performance. The music of Meybahar resonates the hidden places of our soul, through the original cultures around the Aegean Sea and Middle East. The repertoire with rich improvisation is a unique reinterpretation of their favourite Greek, Armenian and Turkish compositions.