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Savage Works: MAZE

Trezor Trezor Event VenueOct. 03.(Sunday) 21.00

Maze, or labyrinth. Meaning: a set of winding roads; an opaque network of roads in which it is difficult to navigate and from which it is difficult to get out. Savage Works ’MAZE guide the audience into a maze of literal and figurative meanings. The stations of the piece tell different stories that come together by the end of the evening, forming a unity.
Created from a mix of vocal art, acrobatics, dance and aerobics, MAZE offers a unique experience to the audience with a combined visual world of light play and mapping.
There is no doubt that the latest creation of the first variety company of Pécs offers a special experience.
Directed and choreographed by Attila Győrfi. Costume: Diána Sándor
Performed by Diána Sándor, Barbara Vágási, Balázs Kutni, Attila Győrfi
Vocal: Swing Ladies