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TECHNOKUNST: Dork & Mill x Glowing Lightbulbs, Templomos Vetítő

Mill and Templar Projector will create the atmosphere of the night on behalf of the forces of Pécs, before Dork, one of the indispensable performers of the Light Festivals, one of Hungary's first-generation underground DJs, takes over the lead role. Dork has been using music and record players as a metacommunication tool since 1996. Going along the powerful albeit meditative edge of his open-minded techno, he reveals the valuable dimensions of style.


The former Frankhegy parties, which are also of cultural significance associated to his name, and the multi-storey raypainting works pursued by him as co-art have always been motivated by the removal of the limits of space and time and the uplifting experience of transforming the audience into a community.


This time, his visual accomplices will be the VJs of the Glowing Bulbs, whose timeless role in the creation of the Festival of Light cannot be praised enough.