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ZEUS SALAS - live painting performance

The birth of a work of art is always a mystery. The viewer encounters the finished work, the stories about its influences, intentions, and meanings are left to the imagination of the receiver. In the Festival of Light program, Venezuelan painter and performer Zeus Salas, exhibiting as part of the StreetUp festival’s international urban art exhibition, will create his painting during a live painting performance in front of the audience, reflecting on the moods of the festival environment. The performance will draw on elements of the artist's Latin American roots and his personal rituals, and will be accompanied by candles, incense and a unique playlist, inviting the audience on a journey exploring the origins of the work.

Zeus Milenko Steven Salas was born in Venezuela. His works are personally inspired, emotionally rich, and populated by strong symbols and mythical characters. He has exhibited in Paris, Buenos Aires, and Budapest, and many of his works are in private collections from Costa Rica to Hong Kong. He is also active as a performance artist, frequently collaborating with brands, magazines and art events.