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The Application Guide supplements the Open Call Applications with important information to help you compile and submit a successful application.

Possible Venues

You can get familiarised with the possible outdoor and indoor locations of the Route of Light by means of the map and the photo and video gallery below.

The final program and locations will be determined by the ZSLF team, we reserve the right to elaborate the details of the presentation in cooperation with the applicant in the event of a successful application. We also reserve the right to negotiate the adaptation of the work to the venue, while respecting the freedom of the creator by all means.



All works must take into account the specifics, concept and sacral character of the venue concerned.

During the decision-making process, we are going to take into account the locations and their specifics when we select the works to be implemented. In case of an outdoor venue, the entry must be strong and durable to withstand rain and wind. You must take liability for these in your contract we are going to conclude with you.

General Information

The ZSLF team assists in the successful implementation of the entire process of preparation, implementation, operation and dismantling with advice as well as human and other resources. The details of this will be discussed with the successful applicants after the announcement of the results.

We provide security service to all creations for the duration of the installation, presentation and pull-down, but it must be operated by you or your team members. In special cases, we may deviate from this, and this will be specified in the contract we will conclude with you.

While finalising the financial terms, we want to help rationalize the associated costs. We reserve the right to involve sponsors to cover the costs of implementing the work.

It is important that if the work included in the application is entitled to use any tender or other financial resources, you must indicate this during the application, because it can be an advantage during the evaluation.

By accepting the application, we do not guarantee that the work will be realised.

Our team is sometimes, in justified cases, open to provide technical equipment and on-site infrastructure. In case of a successful application, we will discuss the details with the applicants concerned.

By submitting the application, applicants shall accept that the tenderer may request changes to the works included in the application that do not affect the artistic concept, due to its feasibility, financial considerations or the interests of the festival as a whole. The applicant is, of course, entitled to consider whether to agree to these changes.

Applicants shall acknowledge that by submitting the application, the finished intellectual properties will not be transferred into the possession of the tenderer in any form, but will fully authorize the organizer to publish them (presentation), thus it can determine the scope of access to the work, the time of presentation.

By submitting the application form, each applicant undertakes to ensure that the work submitted by him/her does not violate the honour, human dignity or reputation of a third party. By submitting the application form, each applicant undertakes and warrants that if he/she causes damage to any third party through his/her application or its publication (presentation), he/she shall be directly liable to pay the total pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage caused by it in the form of compensation and compensation and indemnification for damages.

By submitting the application form, applicants shall undertake and ensures that the work submitted by them do not violate the copyrights of any third parties. By submitting the application form, applicants shall undertake that if any claim is made against the organizers of the ZSLF due to a violation of the copyright, personality, property or other rights of a third party, in case a valid claim, the applicant concerned shall act as a guarantor and indemnify for damages instead of the organiser without any limitations.

Technical Information

We are happy to receive applications using the following technologies: building mapping (light-projection) based on analogue, digital or mapping technology (which works independently of the mapping competition for the Cathedral), sculpture mapping, light sculpture, light installation (interactive, space-specific, etc.), applying natural light, analogue projector, projector, robot lamp, led, laser, fire, other light generating devices.


I should specify the technical equipment needed for my creation, but at this stage I don’t know yet - what should I write on the form?

As it helps us a lot to know as much information as possible about your creation, please indicate the equipment you need to the best of your knowledge. If you’re not sure yet, let us know and one of our production teams can call you during the assessment/judging process to discuss the details.

I have a great idea, but I have no experience on how to implement it. What should I do?

We also welcome plans that are not elaborated and stay on an idea level and are happy to help bring them to life. This process takes more time than realizing finished productions; we reserve the right to support your idea with longer preparation and implement it at a subsequent festival.

What additional administrative tasks do should I expect to have to deal with to be able to present my work?

After selecting the entries, we will send you a draft contract where both the responsibilities of creators and the requirements for the festival organizers are specified. Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it will be your responsibility to take out liability insurance for your creation.

If my work is selected, how much time am I going to have to set it up (assemble, install)?

We usually expect a 3-5 day construction process before the event opens to the public. We will provide a schedule for setting up and cooperation with all the artists so that everyone could get the help and attention they need.


We hope you can prepare a successful application; we look forward to your receiving it, and feel free to contact us if you have any queries!

Pécs, Hungary 17 January 2023