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The Aim of the Route of Light Open Call

The organizing team of the 2023 Zsolnay Light Festival is launching a tender for the stations of the Route of Light. The submitted projects can be both new and previously presented works, the point is to adapt to the conditions and concepts of this call in all respects.

Zsolnay Light Festival (hereinafter ZSLF) is committed to presenting works of art that use light as an artistic means of expression.

Under this tender, ZSLF does not necessarily expect to receive works completely elaborated in every respect. It is also possible to submit works for which the creators need additional assistance in adapting to the site and in implementing certain technical conditions. However, it is essential that the work included in the tender application must be feasible in terms of space and time, and should have a realistic budget.

This competition creates an opportunity for the applicants to be included in the works presented along the Route of Light in 2023. The organizer reserves the right to display works other than those taking part in the tender application for the Route of Light. The proportion of works by invitation and works selected through the tender depends on the number of valid tenders received by the tender deadline and selected for presentation by the organizers.

In order to provide its feasibility and presentability, the organizer reserves the right to make modifications to the selected works in agreement with the creators, which do not affect the artistic concept.

Scope of Applicants

ZSLF are looking forward to receive the works of both the artists who have already participated at the festival as well as and new artists. An artistic degree, previous experience, published works of light art are not the only prerequisites for a successful application, but experience and previous works related to light art can be an advantage.

Theme of the Open Call

ZSLF is looking for exciting lighting art installation and projection-mapping ideas as well as multidisciplinary works that will captivate, inspire and engage the audience in an interactive way, while also reflect on our preferred themes including:

  • sustainable / recyclable ideas, solutions
  • use of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient tools
  • its implementation involves the smallest possible environmental pollution
  • works that can be presented both in daylight and at night
  • reflection on social problems
  • crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries

The topics listed are indicative, but not exclusive; nevertheless, preference is given to those reflecting on them or using them.

Assessment Criteria for the Applications

All applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Original idea/content, implementation, new artistic concept
  • Creative concept
  • Artistic value of the work
  • Audience experience
  • Relation to the topic provided
  • Technical feasibility
  • Cost-effective implementation


To submit your application, fill out our online application form, which will be available at the link “Submission of Tenders”. Only fully complete applications submitted through this platform shall be taken into account. Before filling out the application form, make sure to read the details of the tender invitation as well as the Application Guide carefully.

Deadline for submitting the applications: 10 March 2023, 24.00 CET

We are happy to assist you in the submission of your application as well as in the filling out of the application form. You can send your queries to the following e-mail:

Application portal:

Decision Making and Announcement Of Results

The ZSLF team is going to involve technical and art consultants in the decision making.

Once the decision has been made, all applicants will be notified of the result by e-mail.

Date of announcement of results: 5 April 2023

We would like to draw the attention of those interested to the fact that in parallel with the Route of Light tender, in February 2023 the tender for ZSOLNAY LIGHT ART Mapping Competition will be announced, whereby mapping creations designed for mapping on the  . Cathedral of Pécs will be selected. The two tenders are completely separate from each other both in terms of the selection process and the deadlines.

We can provide information about the Zsolnay Light Art Light Mapping Competition at the following contact:


We are happy to assist you during the compilation of your application. You can send your queries to the following e-mail

Further information on the festival:ényfesztiválPécs