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Zsolnay Street Artist



Be a member of the jury yourself and vote on the best street performance of the Light Festival in 2018!

This year the Zsolnay Light Festival and the Hungarian Juggling Association will be reunited, in order to host the Hungarian Juggling Convention. The participants of the international convention arrive to Pécs to exchange their professional experience and skills, but, just like in the previous years, they  will also feature the Light Festival with events open to the public.

Our new initiative is Zsolnay Street Artist Competition that will feature the 5 international and Hungarian companies we selected on an international open call to be part of the official program and perform at the festival at 4 different spots. If you like the shows you may support the ensembles in two possible ways: staying true to street-art traditions, you can give them a fair donation on the spot, and and we ask you also to vote for the best show on the website of the festival. The winner company of the poll will receive a 3,000 EUR money prize based on your votes. 

Participants in the competition of Zsolnay Street Artist Street performances

Mr. Vita: TNT Show (ES)

Mr Vita looks like as he had walked straight out of a cartoon and into real life, yet rather, he invites his audience to leave real life and enter his cartoon. A cartoon full of zaniness, awesome juggling and his latest invention ‘la bomba’, this lovable, self-proclaimed professional stupid, brings delight to audiences of all ages. His unique ability to communicate through his expressive rubber skin and sounds, rather than words, allows his inventive performance style to have no language barriers. The T.N.T show is a high energy show daringly mixing circus, clown and physical comedy and finishing with Mr Vita’s hardest stunt...  Rock n Roll, a motorbike helmet and a striptease all lead up to the moment that everyone is waiting for...‘LABOMBA!!!!!!!’ Mr. Vita's extremely energetic performance boldly combines the elements of traditional circus with the world of Chaplin.

Copyleft (FR)

Copyleft is a project of group juggling in public spaces, combining dance, street-art and circus elements. Jugglers, when a tennis player appears, gather in the performance area, they do their warmup in front of the audience with music. Security measures and the little games during the performance are then explained to the public. In particular, the fact that objects will be flying through space constantly, and that no one is immune to a hit. 

The performance then begins in total silence so that the work of improvisation, and the dialogue between the performers' bodies and the music can take shape. There follows a 30 minute maelstrom of juggling until the music stops.

All in Two (HU)

Impressive and skilful performance presented by two talented Hungarian artists with charm and fine sense of humour. They combine juggling, clowning, acrobatics, magic and science in an energetic show. Offering varied eccentric scenes that delight both young and old. The duo has entertained audiences worldwide with object manipulation routines, physical comedy and interactive acts.

Circo Eguap (AR): Rolling Bag

An acrobatic and comic show. Risky performance and absurd situations make the audience have fun and participate in the show. Minimi is a lively and brave circus acrobat. Intrepid and funny dazzles with her crazy routines. Roquecyle is a strong and charismatic man. His scenes with unicycle bear in mind the classic risk of traditional circus but with an ironic sense of humor. Together they combine their energies going through different moods, amazement, fear, admiration, laugh and imagination. An authentic and original street-theatre & circus show.

Papito: A Different Player (AR)

Listen to the Latin rhythms: dance and happiness, constant surprise. Out of a chest come two chairs and a variety of objects with which an uncommon relationship is established, with a special objective of warming the hearts of his dear public. Papito (a unique player) with happiness and a characteristic attitude, presents a fresh and entertaining show appropriate for any public. Papito (a different player) attempts to find and reveal his true essence, not only as an actor but also as a human being. This is a search for pure energy that transforms everything into laughs, applause and cries of joy.

16th Hungarian Juggling Convention 28.06.2018-1.07.2018.

The convention is organized this year for the 16th time by the Hungarian Juggling Association, based on other, similar foreign/international events. Over the years, it has become a nationwide event, because of the unusual atmosphere and the community-like nature of the event where both beginners and professional acrobatics are welcome from abroad. Over the past 15 years it becomean event that is open to both jugglers coming from the traditional circus world and jugglers representing any alternatives.

The aim of the meeting is to provide a regular event for participants of the Hungarian circus world and for all those interested in exchanging experiences and getting acquainted with each other, which motivates and enthuses the participants. Introducing opportunities for instructors and practice sites, high-quality Hungarian and foreign performers with their productions and professions can open new perspectives for those who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

More details of the convention you can find on Juggling Convention's website