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Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd.

37 Zsolnay Vilmos utca, Pécs, 7632, Hungary

Mailing Address:
7603 Pécs, Pf. 27.


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Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd.


Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd. handles the significant cultural institutional structure established in 2011 by the European Capital of Culture project, including Kodály Center, Zsolnay Quarter - and the World Heritage Sites of Pécs. Zsolnay Quarter is a new cultural centre established in the one-time major building complex of the Zsolnay factory, which was largely abandoned by the 21st century. The complex includes m21 Gallery - a 1000-square-metre exhibition hall, the world famous Gyugyi collection, Bóbita Puppet Theater, E78 Concert Hall, the Zsolnay Family and Factory History Exhibition, the Planetarium, the Lab-Interactive Magic Space, JESZ Theatre and several catering units. The aim of the operation and management of the Quarter is to form the peculiar artistic, cultural and tourist scene of the city of Pécs, and to establish an independent brand of it.

ZsHM managing director: Márk Hummel
Art Director of the Zsolnay Light Festival: Péter Pusker
English translation: György Cserna

Webdesign: Márton Juha 

Company details:

Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd..

Address: 37. Zsolnay Vilmos út 7630 Pécs, Hungary
Postal address: Pf. 27. 7603 Pécs, Hungary