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The festival

The first and only light festival in Hungary, the Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs, will shine the center of Pécs again with dazzling light creations in the summer of 2023! Between July 6 and 9, 2023, the buildings will be clad in a light robe and the streets get a light carpet, while the monumental façade of the Cathedral will be brought to life by the best 3D, motion-image projections of the international mapping competition.

The 4-day festival is a really memorable experience for families and groups of friends in the Mediterranean city-centre of Pécs, with mappings and various accompanying programs!

Walking along the Route of Light passing through the center of Pécs, you can once again admire grandiose, heart-warming and extravagant – and always incredibly spectacular, site-specific light installations at some 20 locations.

Every year, the centre of attention is the Zsolnay Light Art International Mapping Competition, during which moving, three-dimensional light creations come to life on the façade of the Cathedral.

The festival offers a unique combination of the world of light festivals, street art productions, concerts, theatre and new circus performances.

It features entertaining interactive educational programs conveying new, creative content to visitors.

The invited domestic and foreign artists and creative workshops boast international recognition and all play a leading role in this dynamically developing branch of art.

There is no other event in Hungary that offers so many diverse attractions, building mappings, light sculptures, interactive light games, such as the city of Pécs and the Zsolnay Light Festival!

Zsolnay Light Festival 2022: