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  • The date of the 2021 Zsolnay Light Festival is already available!

    Unfortunately, due to the situation caused by COVID-19, the Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs, planned for the summer of 2020, cannot take place in its usual form. The organizers, i.e. the staff of Zsolnay Heritage Management Ltd. have been working hard in recent weeks not to let the light go out and make the most of the situation.

    As a result of this organizing work, the country's first light festival will make up for it next year: the usual, world-class series of programs, spectacular 3D mappings, street art productions and light attractions that enchant the entire city centre will return. The date of the festival is already available: it will take place July 1-4, 2021. The biggest light festival in the country is awaiting its visitors again!

    At the same time, the audience will still have stunning light programs, as for the rest of the year, ZsÖK will enchant the nights in Pécs with smaller-scale but just as spectacular lighting events.


  • Common moments of light to be continued

    Zsolnay Light Festival is preparing for the future with a new type of series of programs

    Due to the coronavirus situation causing radical changes worldwide and the unpredictability of the coming months, Zsolnay Light Festival, planned for the summer of 2020, is going to take place in a different form this year: Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd of Pécs, in collaboration with domestic and foreign artists, strives to organize several smaller-scale light events for the rest of the year.

    Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs, celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2020, is a four-day light festival of national and European significance that organically combines the dazzling world of light festivals with street-art productions, contemporary circus performances and music programs. After carefully assessing the possibilities the present situations can hold and taking them in consideration in a responsible manner, it became certain that in the current global crisis situation, ZsHM cannot organize the event at the same scale and with such complex programs as in previous years.

    Therefore, the organizers decided that the Zsolnay Light Festival will be transformed this year. The decision is not resignation but adaptation; the creative work will not stop. The goal is now to create a series of programs that carry on the tradition, but on a smaller scale, that will continue to inspire thinking, convey values, entertain, delight, and be followed virtually as well. And all the events that cannot take place this year will be presented to the visitors in Pécs in July 2021.

    We are constantly updating this year's events and preparations for next year. Please, keep track of them in the press and at the following sites:

  • Winners of this year's Zsolnay Light Art Mapping contest


    1st place:
    Team name: Michele Pusceddu - Italy
    Title: Complementary Lights

    2nd place:
    Team name: TOOPFIRE - China
    Title: The Heart of the Forest

    3rd place:
    Team name: - Germany
    Title: TECHTONIC³

    Winner of the audience award:
    Team name: Michele Pusceddu - Italy
    Title: Complementary Lights


    Congratulations to this year's winners!
  • Unique light art - Inertia by László Bordos

    Other than the Zsolnay Light Art Mapping contestants works, there will be one more unique lightart on the walls of the Székesegyház: the world-famous 3D mapping artist, László Zsolt Bordos, brings us his beautiful work, Inertia.

    The surfacemapping is made full by added robotlamps, this magnitude of lightart has not been at our festival so far.

    You can watch it three times from June 28-30th, friday to sunday, every night at 23.50.