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Zsolnay Light Art


In 2024 from 4 to 7 July, we are waiting again for the main event of the Zsolnay Light Festival, the Zsolnay Light Art Video Mapping Competition.

As in previous years, five video mapping works will be created on the south facade of the Pécs Cathedral, which harmonize with the architecture, sacredness, spirituality and traditions of the building.
In addition, this year we are introducing several innovations:

The most important of these is that from now all artworks can be viewed on all 4 days of the festival, and we will repeat them continuously in half-hour blocks. Closes at midnight on Thursday and Sunday, and at 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Another change is that this year we selected the 5 works by invitation instead of an open call. The invited artists are well-known international artists. From this year, our aim is not to make the works compete with each other, so only our audience will choose the main prize winner. Our decision was based on that we hope will create more equal conditions for the artists rewarding their work, creative self-expression can be more prominent, cooperation between the curatorial team and the artists can be closer, and meanwhile these changes will further raise the quality of the event.

The collaborating professional partner of Zsolnay Light Art and the host of the competition is the group of Hungarian visual artists, Glowing Bulbs, boasting a history of more than 25 years.


7-9 July 2023

The theme of the 2023 open call was COEXISTENCE.

In their final decision the international jury had led themselves by the flourish vitality of the Zsolnay Light Festival and the beautiful city of Pécs who gives young people the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic craftsmanship.

Grand Prize:
MultiScalar (D): Confluentia

The artist uses on an excellent way the exterior of the Pécs Cathedral and has made an intelligent and beautiful translation of the theme "Coexistence".

Audience Award: