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Zsolnay Light Art


The theme of the 2023 open call was COEXISTENCE.

In their final decision the international jury had led themselves by the flourish vitality of the Zsolnay Light Festival and the beautiful city of Pécs who gives young people the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic craftsmanship.

Grand Prize:
MultiScalar (D): Confluentia

The artist uses on an excellent way the exterior of the Pécs Cathedral and has made an intelligent and beautiful translation of the theme "Coexistence".

Audience Award:

Other works:

Motion House Thailand (T): CMYK

dirclumsy (HU): A természet utat tör (Nature makes its way)

EPER digital studio (HU): Elemental Construction vol.4

Every time after the competition works, we projected MONO, the work of the 2021 audience award winner, the Hungarian FLUID team, which was created with the support of AUX air conditioners, the main sponsor of the competition:

Zsolnay Light Art Mapping Competition is the ultimate attraction of the Zsolnay Light Festival. Each year, Zsolnay Heritage Management non-profit Ltd. announces a competition call for the international cash-prize "Zsolnay Light Art" mapping competition, the most visited event of the Zsolnay Light Festival. The 5 best audiovisual mapping works created for the façade of Pécs Cathedral, harmonizing with the architecture, sacredness, spirituality and traditions of the building, were presented at the Zsolnay Light Festival from 7 to 9 July 2023.

The collaborating professional partner of Zsolnay Light Art and the host of the competition is the group of Hungarian visual artists, Glowing Bulbs, boasting a history of more than 20 years.

AUX air conditioners are a key supporter of Zsolnay Light Art.

The theme of the 2023 open call was COEXISTENCE.

Coexistence is a system in which different elements independently exist in the same space and time. How stable that state is and how long can it exist in the same format, depends solely on its habitants.

Besides ACCEPTANCE, UNDERSTANDING is also an important part of interactions based on the "LIVE AND LET LIVE" concept. Being connected in space and time leads to various exchanges that develop overtime, resulting in a complex system with a longer life expectancy.

This phenomenon appears in all areas of life, within relationships between individuals or social groups, cultures, built and natural environment or even machines and neural networks.

To respect the building’s sacred nature and remain politically correct, we discourage including any direct or hidden religious, political and commercial elements in your mapping.

Members of jury:

  • Ronald Ramakers (NL) - the president of the jury
  • Bettina Pelz (D)
  • Zsolt Gyenes  (H)
  • Farkas Fülöp (H)
  • Tamás Vaspöri (H)