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Street art

The festival will bring not only digital artworks to downtown Pécs, but also exciting street theatre and contemporary circus performances during the day. The public squares of the city centre will feature really entertaining performances thanks to Argentinian, Australian, Catalan, Israeli, Czech and Hungarian artists, as well as skilful jugglers and acrobats.

MANOAMANO, a two-man Argentinian team will be expanded this year with a mysterious third character, while Catalan cycling virtuoso and acrobatic circus artist Yldor Lluch invites you on a magical inner journey, telling you about the desire to fly while dazzling you with breathtaking bike tricks and Cyr wheel stunts.


ASPHALT THEATER from Israel combines marching-band music with acrobatics, so visitors will be able to meet them during their downtown walks. The teams of COLLECTIVE DOPE and that of FLYING BODIES will come from Budapest; their performance was born from the fusion of contemporary dance, parkour and urban dance, and ends with a large-scale party in which everyone is welcome to participate!


This list is by no means exhaustive; it is worth leaving enough time from late afternoon to early evening to admire the street artists before the evening light experience. Moreover, from early afternoon visitors will have the opportunity to practice and develop their own reflexes and skills in the INSpirál Juggling Playhouse and the fiery venue of the PARÁZSFÉSZEK (ember-nest), where they can learn various tricks from practicing artists, and late in the evening they can see an excellent fire-art performance every day.

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