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Polish Focus

In the spring of 2022, the Zsolnay Light Festival announced residency call in together with the Blik Blik Festival in Pilsen, the Biela noc Festival in Bratislava and the Bella Skyway Festival in Torun as part of the V4 Digital Art Melting Pot competition. The program was dedicated to Czech, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian lighting artists and lighting professionals from the Visegrad countries, who are working in various fields of digital art. The winner of Pécs phase was Katarzyna Pawłowska (Pani Pawlosky), a Polish interdisciplinary artist, so this year the Zsolnay Light Festival, in collaboration with the Polish Institute in Budapest, will host Poland as her mother-country in its international focus program.

Supported by:

Nádor Gallery
Pani Pawlosky
In this work, I share artworks which I experienced while traveling in the subconscious. It is an audiovisual adventure without a beginning and an end. Moments and scenes from memories of lucid dreams... By showing them, I feel like I am giving them a second life which might please your eyes.


Professiobal discussion: 
In the frame of the festival’s professional program held at the Apollo Cinema, the Hungarian public can meet in person the founders and creative professionals of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival organized by Fundacja Photon in Kraków. LIGHTFORUM interactive presentations provide an insight into the main directions of the conceptual development strategies of Polish curators and artists, as well as the special atmospheric space design strategies of Helios cinema network in Warsaw.,Warszawa/StronaGlowna/

The cinema will turn into a stage of live audiovisual compositions on the weekend of July 9-10: at the LIVE AV SETS performances, visitors of Apollo Cinema can discover common audiovisual compositions of Polish and Hungarian musicians and visual artists. Ari Dykier is a visual artist based in Poland. He attended Camerimage Film School and most of his career has been working as filmmaker. With passion for animated works he started to focus on creating animated visuals and since 2013 he frequently takes part in various international festivals from Brazil to Europe. His works refers to tradition of surreal animation and wide range of art genres. In his Dream Quartet solo AV project through the symbols, myths, memories, dreams and vintage style of illustration appears sophisticated realm of alternative reality as a mirror.